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Thank you for your interest in booking NTC spaces for your event. Please complete the form below. Once submitted, you will receive confirmation informing you of whether your request has been approved or denied. For questions or concerns, please contact, 504.865.5720
Contact Information of Person Responsible at Event (if different than Requestor):

Event Details

**CUDD Plaza: outside circle in front of Cudd Hall
Outdoor meeting space between Mussafer and Cudd Hall: Capacity: 2 per reserved table 
*Hebert Hall rooms 114 and 125A-confirmation of this space is with the History department contact 


Indicate the space(s) you prefer for your event. If more than one meets your needs, you can check multiple boxes and we will offer you whichever is available. * Indicates that a key is required to access this space ** Indicates to reserve this space through ems *
The above requester is responsible for coordinating all arrangements with Facilities Services, Catering, TUPD, etc. if applicable.
Will there be food or beverage? *
Will there be a band or live entertainment? *
Will media be present to cover the event? *


If the following conditions are not met, damages will be assessed: 
   - Requestor must follow COVID- 19 guidelines;
   - Keys must be returned the next business day after completion of the event; 
   - Tables and chairs shall not be moved due to social distancing; 
   - Doors must be securely closed and locked; 
   - Room(s) must be clean (floors and surfaces) and trash must be removed from the building (trash bags may be
     left behind the building, on Law Road);
   - Lights must be turned off.
If property is lost, damaged, or not properly cleaned in the course of using the room(s), my department will be charged for replacement or repair of the property: *
Please sign to confirm responsibility of above: *
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