Audio and Visual equipment reservation request

Thank you for your interest in reserving NTC's audio and visual equipment for your event. Please complete the form below. Once submitted, you will receive confirmation informing you of whether your request has been approved or denied. For questions or concerns, please contact

Event details



If property is lost, damaged my department will be charged for replacement or repair of the property. I agree to all terms related to the usage of NTC's A/V equipment outline during here and in the training.

Requestor must follow COVID- 19 social distancing guidelines;

  - Requestor must either complete training or be able to display competency in requested equipment before use;

  - All equipment must be returned the next business day after completion of the event; 

  - All equipment shall be returned in working order, any damage must be reported at the time of return for assessment;

  - All cables shall be coiled using the over/under process and stored neatly;

  -The inflatable screen is not to be used in windy conditions;  

  -During use all cables should be either tucked away from where people are walking or taped to the floor to prevent a tripping hazard.

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