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It is our goal to make every customer feel good about their purchase.  To highlight your Pearl's natural beauty, our artisians design unique pieces, while adhering to the highest standards of quality.  Vantel Pearls jewelry GUARANTEED against damage due to defects in materials or crafting (excluding normal wear and tear). 

Taking Care Of Your Pearls
Your Vantel Pearls are produced by nature and their luster, beauty and value will be enjoyed for years to come with these simple steps:
  -Your Pearl Jewelry should be put on after makeup, perfume or hairspray are used.  The chemicals can harm your jewelry.
  -Pearl jewelry should not be submerged in water or cleaning chemicals.
  -Clean your Pearls with an untreated soft cloth after wearing.  Prespirationas well as body oils can harm the jewelry.
  -For Sterling Silver, use a Vantel Pearls treated jewelry cloth on the metal only.  Be sure to not apply chemicals to your Pearls.

Within 90 Days of Purchase Date
Vantel Pearls will re-set or replace a lost Pearl, re-set or replace lost gemstones, or an item may be returned for replacement (same item) due to manufacture's defect (excluding normal wear and tear) with a copy if your invoice.  Please contact your Vantel Pearls Demonstrator for assistance.

Items in new condition may be returned for exchange within 90 days of the purchase date with a copy of the invoice.  Please contact your Vantel Pearls Demonstrator for assistance.

After 90 Days of Purchase Date
Vantel Pearls offers jewelry repairs for Vantel Pearls jewelry.  Fees are based on type of service requested.  For jewelry service questions, please contact your Vantel Pearls Demonstrator for assistance.

1.) Pearl color is NOT guaranteed unless you would like to choose white (no oyster opening).
2.) Items take approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive.
3.) Tax is applicable to the state that the consultant is in, not to your tax rate.

Notice of Cancellation

You may cancel this transaction within 3 business days of the party date without penalty or obligation. Upon notice of cancelation, Vantel Pearls will return your payment within 15 business days. Vantel Pearls does not offer refunds under any circumstances after 3 business days of the original purchase order date.


* PLEASE NOTE: Shipping and billing address needs to be the same, as we do not ship to other recipients for purchaser the purchaser ONLY will receive the order!


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**Please note that if you choose the direct shipping option from Vantel Pearls the tax rates are estimated based on the state in the shipping address of the consultant. Final totals may vary slightly when taxes are verified using your specific state and local tax rates. ** *
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