Catering Contract

Thank you for choosing El Tonayense Inc. to handle the catering for the day of your event.  The following agreement spells out the terms of this contract.  Any modifications to the below must be approved in writing by a representative of El Tonayense Inc.  Please keep a copy of this contract for your records.

Our minimum catering fee for two (2) hours is $1150 for each additional hour is $200.00.   If the catering goes over the minimum, you will be responsible for each additional item over the minimum.  To reserve your time slot we will need a non refundable deposit of the amount of $400. Deposit will apply to catering event.

Note that if the party is for more than 20 people there will be a 10% gratuity added. If you want to tip the staff/servers further you should do so separately from the cost of the catering.

Please also note that if the catering is outside San Francisco, there will be an additional charge of $200 for the first hour of travel additional charges may apply for distance or travel time.   If you are paying with a Credit Card there is a 3% surcharge for Visa/ Mastercard transactions and 5% for American Express transactions.

If there is NO reserved parking, please reserve space no smaller than 24’ so we can park the truck.

The below form items are imperative for a successful catering, please list them clearly & accurately.



Benjamin Santana, CEO

El Tonayense Inc.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to call me directly at 415-559-0404.  

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Clicking on Submit at the bottom represents a legal agreement between El Tonayense, Inc. and You for El Tonayense to provide the Service. If you just want to inquire about our services go to the Contact tab.