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Application for Partners in Policymaking Class 42

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Partners in Policymaking Class 42 Dates
Friday/Saturday, September 20-21, 2024
Friday/Saturday, October 18-19, 2024
Friday/ Saturday, November 15-16, 2024
Friday/Saturday, January 17-18, 2025
Friday/Saturday, February 14-15, 2025
Sunday/Monday, March 16-17, 2025 (Sunday/Monday)
Friday/Saturday, April 18-19, 2025
Friday/Saturday, May 16-17, 2025


PLEASE NOTE: The information requested on this application is for the purpose of selecting individuals who meet the criteria for participation in the Partners in Policymaking program. The list of names and addresses of Partners graduates that is prepared for each Partners class is taken from the applications and considered public data under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. This list may be requested and will be released upon request. 

Application deadline: July 26, 2024.

Selection decisions by August 9, 2024.

Definition of "Developmental Disability"

According to the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act, the term "developmental disability" means a severe, chronic disability of an individual that:

  • Is attributable to a mental or physical impairment or a combination of mental and physical impairments;
  • Is manifested before the individual attains age 22;
  • Is likely to continue indefinitely;
    • Results in substantial functional limitations in three or more of the following areas of major life activity:
    • Self care
    • Receptive (understanding) and expressive language
    • Learning
    • Mobility (ability to move)
    • Self direction (motivation)
    • Capacity for independent living
    • Economic self sufficiency; and
  • Reflects the individual's need for a combination or sequence of special, interdisciplinary, generic services, individual supports or other forms of assistance which are of a lifelong or extended duration and are individually planned and coordinated;
  • Infants and Young Children — an individual from birth to age nine, inclusive, who has a substantial developmental delay or specific congenital or acquired condition, may be considered to have a developmental disability without meeting three or more of the criteria described above if the individual, without services and supports, has a high probability of meeting those criteria later in life.
PLEASE NOTE: This application is for Minnesota applicants only. We are particularly looking for applicants from the counties of Lac Qui Parle and Wabasha.

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