L.A.B.O.R.S. Final Exam

Class 1: Be Faithful

Class 2: Faithfully Revealed

Class 3: Faithful in a Hateful Environment

Class 4: The Stumbling Stone of Offense

Class 5: The Enemy in of Me

Class 6: The Spiritual Attack

Class 7: The Pharaoh Spirit of Stubbornness

Class 8: The Curse of Disobedience

Class 9: The Stoop, the Scoop & the Shoot

Class 10: The Form of a Servant

Final Checklist

I have truthfully answered the questions in this manual to the best of my knowledge without perjury, lying, or consulting others outside my class *
I understand that in order for me to advance to the next level of Leadership, I have to serve in my ministry at least 12 months *
I realize that serving in ministry does not mean I am the leader of the ministry. I am serving my church and the leader responsible for my ministry department. *
I am in agreement with the Code of Ministry outlined within the Manual and intend to follow accordingly. *
I will use my time to serve and develop all characteristics from these classes; Being Faithful, Allowing God to Reveal me, Being Faithful even in a not so pleasant environment, Not Allowing Offense to stumble me, Confronting the Enemy in of Me, Getting in Agreement, Leading with Humility not like Haman and Raising up an apprentice by passing down the correct impartation, becoming a true form of a servant by stooping, scooping and shooting correctly. *
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