I Understand that I don't have to Submit the Whole “Helps” Course all at once. I can submit each class one at a time

Class 1: Be Faithful

Class 2: Faithfully Revealed

Class 3: Faithful in a Hateful Environment

Class 4: The Spirit of Offence

Class 5: The Reprobate Mind

Class 6: The Hole in the Wall

Class 7: The Enemy In Of Me

Class 8: I See the Sword Coming

Class 9: The Stoop, the Scoop & the Shoot

Class 10: The Form of a Servant

Class 11: How to Set up the Service

Final Checklist

I have truthfully answered the questions in this manual to the best of my knowledge without perjury, lying, or consulting others outside my class *
I understand I will be serving in a Non Leadership role of the Helps Ministry at least 6 to 12 months and will complete the necessary Internship Obligations for the Helps Ministry. *
I understand that in order for me to advance to the next level of Leadership of FBI Bronze (Associate Minister), I have to become an official member of The Foundation of the World Church. *