Thank you for your interest in applying to become a CERTIFIED vendor of

 Mu Alpha Mu Multicultural Christian Sorority, INC.

(A non-profit organization of Christ-Centered women)

Merchant Agreement and National Usage Guidelines For Mu Alpha Mu Multicultural Christian Sorority Inc. 


Please note that permission to use the Official Crest, Greek Lettering, and Symbols of Mu Alpha Mu Multicultural Christian Sorority, Inc. must be granted by our National Marketing and Social Media Director.

A Merchant and Usage Application (vendor application) must be submitted, and payment (in full) received of Usage Fee must be processed before the use of Copyrighted insignia.

Policies regarding use of copyrighted material on saleable items are as follows:

I. The replica of Official Crest must be in either black and white or official sorority colors only. No alterations or modifications may be made to the Official Crest.

II. Payment of Usage Fee does not guarantee vendor space at sorority conferences or events. Vendor booth rental must still be paid in full if required.

III. An Approved Vendor/Merchant is defined as a business or individual who sells items with the Mu Alpha Mu Official Shield and/or Logo on merchandise.

IV. The Usage Fee enables the authorized party to use the Copyrighted Crest for two years.

V. The Usage Fee will be $125.00 for sorority members* and $200.00 for non-sorority members and outside vendors. *Sorority Members must be active within the sorority at all levels upon the submission of this application. Applications must be submitted every 2 years.

VI. Mu Alpha Mu Crest may be printed on clothing, bags, jewelry, glassware, scarves, etc. All items except jewelry shall be in the official colors of Mu Alpha Mu Christian Sorority Inc. Proofs of color palette must be submitted with the application either by sample or color photograph.

VII. Merchant Agreements are not transferable.

Process for Submission of Application is as follows:

I.  Submit application via filling out this form.

II. The product sample only should be sent to the National Marketing & Social Media Director at An actual mockup of the product sample with hex codes listed or by a photograph is acceptable.

III. Our National Marketing & Social Media Director will review the application and either approve or disapprove the application. You will be notified of the result within 14 business days of receipt with application status.

III. Usage Fees must be paid via PAYPAL link for processing.

IV. If application/agreement is approved, a copy of the Official Crest of Mu Alpha Mu Multicultural Christian Sorority Inc, in Official Sorority colors, will be forward to you directly. **Where the application/agreement is not approved, your funds will be promptly returned.

*Sorority Members are not required to pay the Usage Fee on Copyrighted Official Crest for business purposes only on non-saleable items (i.e., Chapter Letterhead, Envelopes, Brochures, etc.)

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