Recruitment Event Support & Marketing Supplies Request

This form is designed to help your district executive work with you to tailor your event specifically to your needs.
In order to ensure your sign up night is a success, please be sure to answer all questions to the best of your ability.
For more information and resources, please visit the SVMBC Recruitment Resource page. 
Sign Up Night Process:
___ Recruit a "Membership Chair" or "New Member Coordinator" 
___ Set a date for a “Sign-up”/Recruitment event/meeting for your unit.
___ Have your pack calendar, fee schedule, leaders’ list and meeting times/dates/locations prepared.
___ Decide on the style of recruitment that you want to do, assign volunteers to help you in each role.
___ Set a goal of the number of kids you want to recruit.
___ Order your materials a minimum of 3 weeks before the scheduled recruitment meeting.
___ Ensure your unit pin is updated on and you are familiar with Online Registration
___ Distribute flyers to school 1-2 weeks before the sign-up meeting/recruitment date, ask families to hand out peer-to-peer cards to their friends, use stickers the day before the recruitment to remind kids to attend, place yard signs at school and in the neighborhood at least a week prior to your recruiting event.
___Work with your District Executive to get all incoming Scouts registered

Unit Information

Unit Recruitment Contact: