2013 OA Election

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2013 OA Election Selections

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 Candidate Statement for Christian Heavner, candidate for Lodge Chief

Hello Fellow Arrowmen, 

            My name is Christian Heavner, A hardworking, caring, young man. I am from the former Miwok lodge and I would like to become the lodge chief of the new lodge and steer the ship through the challenges of the first year as a merged lodge. 

Why Me? 

            We are in a sense going through the marriage of two families. Two cultures combining for the better good of scouting. I Have gone to all the merger talks and have attended numerous Esslen events in the past 6 months. I understand the culture and cherish the heritage of both lodges. I bring people together for the common good and actively listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision. Furthermore I speak up for the youth and the interests of all. 

Candidate Statement for Gurbhej Khalsa, Candidate for Lodge Vice-Chief – Program

Dear Election Committee, 

        The Order of the Arrow is a very special organization that serves as a beacon of guidance to the rest of Scouting. I am honored to be a part of this order and I wishto learn how to better serve my fellow Arrowmen. I am running for the position of Vice Chief of Programs for the new Lodge because I want to gain new experience and new skills in Lodge administration before I try to advance my leadership role in the order. I would also like to help this historical moment make the most impact that it can make on the Scouting community. Since the Miwok and Esselen Lodges are merging, there will be many issues that will be needed to sort out before our Lodge is totally up and running. I wish to use my skills and talents to make that process as smooth as possible. I look forward to serving the Lodge along with my brothers and I hope that our best days are yet to come.

     ~ Gurbhej Khalsa

 Candidate Statement for Tyler Heavner, Candidate for Lodge Vice-Chief – Inductions

Hello fellow Arrowmen, 

My name is Tyler Heavner, and I would like to be Inductions Vice Chief of the new lodge. I would be the best of the selection for this job, because I have been to all the merger meetings, therefore I already have a firm grasp of the current events. Promptly getting things accomplished, I can be a diligent, focused worker, who knows what needs to be done. One of my main goals as Inductions Vice Chief would be to create a system for arrow of light ceremonies that would cover our large geographical area. In addition to those things, my brother is the current Inductions Vice Chief of the former Miwok Lodge; therefore I would have unmatched access to all of the recourses he currently possesses.


Tyler Heavner

2013 OA Election Selections

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2013 OA Name and Totem

Three nominations for Lodge Totem have been received. Other nominations must be made in person, at the Lodge Merger meeting 5/11 at Scout-o-Rama.

Nominations for Lodge Totem (alphabetical order)

Banana Slug – unique indigenous species to the area. See Wikipedia article here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banana_slug

Hummingbird – “bringer of fire” in local native American creation legends. See http://science.kqed.org/quest/video/web-extra-how-hummingbird-got-fire/

Saber-tooth Tiger – California State Fossil, roamed over much of California. See Wikipedia article here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saber_toothed_tiger

Nominations for Lodge Totem *
Three nominations for Lodge Name have been received. Other nominations must be made in person, at the Lodge Merger meeting 5/11 at Scout-o-Rama.

Nominations for Lodge Name (alphabetical order)

Saklan – one of the tribes of Miwok, along with Ohlone and Esselen

Umunhum – “Resting place of the hummingbird” in local native American dialect. Also refers to Mt. Umunhum, a significant peak in the mountains between San Jose and Santa Cruz/Salinas valley.

Yurok – northwestern California native American tribe. Mentioned in Wikipedia as one group who used the banana slug as a food source.

Nominations for Lodge Name *