Forestry Weekend 2019

Friday 1/18, 5pm - Sunday 1/20, 10 am

Forestry Service Weekend, Camping at Chesebrough

Come join us for a weekend of camping to give back to Camp Chesebrough. Participants will learn about forestry as well as get the chance to plant trees, “grub” trees, and clear trails. At the end of the weekend, Scouts will also earn a partial for the forestry merit badge!

Location: Chesebrough Scout Reservation
• Must be at least a Wolf or above (Boy Scouts encouraged)
• Be in good physical condition
• Must be registered in the Boy Scouts of America
Program Cost:$25 meals are included
Clothing: Close fitting, comfortable work clothes
Shoes: Work boots only (steel toed preferred). Sneakers or "non leather" hiking boots will not be permitted
Gloves: Leather work glovesOptional Items/Equipment

Optional: Notebook - pen - pencil

Participants who may have access to any the following items are also requested to bring:
• Hard hat
• Safety glasses
• Hearing protection

Friday 1/18, 5pm - Sunday 1/20, 10 am

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