Join Cub Camp volunteers this summer to participate in our first ever “Camp Inside Out”. With our traditional summer camps not being feasible this summer, we gathered up all of our creative resources and energy to deliver a fun, engaging and overall amazing Cub Camp experience for our Council Cub Scouts and their families.

There are 3 components involved in “Camp Inside Out”

  1. Earn at least one and possibly up to 4 STEM Nova Awards (activities open to all, NOVA awards only available for Wolf, Bear, Webelos/AOL ranks) (For Tigers some tracks include all materials for an elective.)
  2. Earn some and perhaps all of the required achievements for the Outdoor Activity Award (dependent on rank and which NOVA award signed up to complete).
  3. Includes an upcoming Shoot Out at Camp Chesebrough this fall or next year.

 Included with registration:

  • T-shirt (1)
  • Patch (1)
  • 1 week of daily zoom sessions
  • Full supply list & instructions for all activities via email
  • Special guest speakers
  • Certificate for in-person Shoot-out in 2020 or 2021. (Halfday of BB, Archery, or Slingshot) 
  • Wolf-AOL earn a NOVA award in each track
  • NOVA award patch
  • Virtual campfire at the end of July for all Scouts.
  • Sharing time and lots of participation with trained leaders
  • T-shirt and patches available after camp for pick up at San Jose office or shipped to your door.
  • Counts as Council Cub Camp for outdoor activity award
Cost: $50 for one week session (morning or afternoon). Access to additional sessions is $25 each OR bundle and save for $100 for all 4 programs. 
Session will be held one hour daily per week over zoom (choose between a morning 10-11 session or an early evening 6-7 PM session). The virtual sessions are strongly encouraged and will include fun, games, and crafts. If a Scout needs to miss some sessions, activities can be done at home and still complete the NOVA award by checking in with the counselor. 

Programs offered

NOVA Track

Wolf-AOL will earn this award

Morning Session

10 AM to 11 AM

Evening Session

6 PM to 7 PM

Symmetry and Shapes - Learn about symmetry in everyday life and the intersection of art and math with lots of crafts and projects. 

July 13-17

July 6-10

Uncovering the Past -Explore the wonders of archaeology at home.

July 6-10

July 20-24

1-2-3 Curiosity - Focuses on codes and magic to explore how math affects our lives each day.

July 27-31

July 13-17

NOVA Wild - Learn about wildlife and the natural world around you including wildlife demonstrations from naturalists.

July 20-24

July 27-31


Participant Information

One T-Shirt for each youth is provided for Camp. Additional T-Shirts are available for $15 for adults and youth.
Additional same household family members can access and participate for free. Note they will not receive a t-shirt, patches, or shoot-out access, but these can be added for an additional fee at the end of this form. 
Will additional Cub Scouts be participating in the zoom call? *

Program Selection

Select the program of your choice. Every session is offered twice, once as morning and once as evening to allow for flexible scheduling. Sessions with the same name will cover the same materials and each session completely finishes the NOVA award. so we recommend that you do not sign up for the same session in different weeks. 
Do you want to select 1-3 sessions or bundle and save to participate in all 4 sessions? (In the bundle you will still be able to pick and choose what times/weeks you want.) *
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Select as many sessions as you would like. The first session is $50 and includes all access to meetings and instructions (1) t-shirts, (1) patch, (1) NOVA award (if earned), and (1) certificate for a 2020 or 2021 shoot-out. Additional sessions are $25 and include all access to meetings and instructions, and (1) additional NOVA device for the award earned. 
Select for July 6-10th
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Select your 4 sessions. This bundle includes all access to meetings and instructions for the sessions selected, (1) t-shirts, (1) patch, (1) NOVA award (if earned), (3) NOVA devices (1 for each additional NOVA award earned), and (1) certificate for a 2020 or 2021 shoot-out. 
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Included in registration: (1) t-shirt, (1) patch, (1) NOVA award (if earned), (1) certificate for shoot-out. Additional items for additional family members including any additional cub scouts you added above can be ordered here.
Select your extras below.
Extra T-shirts - How many extra of each size would you like at $15 per?
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*****If there are any cancellations, please notify the Cub Camp Team at at least 14 days prior to the committed date. All refunds/transfers are subject to a 25% cancellation fee. There are no refunds 14 days before the event. No refunds due to technical difficulties.*****