Form Closed
Registration for this event has closed.  If you have any questions, please email
For those attending the event: 


  1. We will be hiking from the parking lot about ten minutes up hill to the camp site.


  1. We will have an area close to the trail to unload gear, then we will move the vehicles to parking down the street.


  1. I recommend sleds and/or backpacks for your trek to the site. Try to avoid multiple trips from the parking lot to the site.


  1. Need to bring firewood if you want fires. The store is not selling it this year.


  1. Water: remember to bring large containers of water so that it does not freeze overnight.


  1. Check in on Friday will be 9:00 AM to noonish.


  1. Pick a site big enough for your Troop and set up before beginning to build snow shelters.


  1. Out houses will be located at the trailhead.


  1. Leave-no-trace event. Please remember to pack food with as little waste (wrappers) as possible. There is no water to clean pots, pans, etc. We will need to pack it in and pack it out and back to our homes for disposal.


  1. Bear Paw Leaders Guide


  1. Bring two sets of gloves, extra socks, stocking caps. Sunglasses are also a good idea if the sun comes out. May want to keep some blankets and towels in the vehicles in case some one gets wet.