2022 Rendezvous

Call to Rendezvous!

SM(s) Will have:

Youth under18; Signed Parental Release Shooting Forms.

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All Troops, Varsity Scout Teams, Venturing Crews

This is not a Cub Scout Event


1840s event emphasizing the lifestyle of the old trapper days


Camp Chesebrough


September 23-25,2022


Where else can you shoot black powder rifles, throw tomahawks and knives, and live like a mountain man?


Tents, chairs, candle lanterns, (Tables)

1840’s era dress and camp equipment for judging

Cost: Food not included

FEE: Are $45.00 by 9/1, $50.00 by 9/18, $60.00 onsite


The time is set in 1825 till 1840 as the first Rendezvous was held, So if you can Please dress, camp and and eat as in the 1800


       We you award the top three in: Outfits, Camp Site, Iron chef (food will be provided), 4 Trapper Run  categories by ages 11-13   14-16    17-20   A.A.R.P.                    (Advanced Aged Rendezvous Person) Rendezvous run by invitation only, by the Staff in the seven Rendezvous skill



       For you Greenhorns you don't need to spend a lot of money on a Rendezvous outfit, go to goodwill or a thrift shop look an old felt hat, a plaid colored shirt old style, cut off the buttons and collar, Sew the shirt together where the buttons were, look for white painters pants, if not there go to a paint store, then cut  out all the belt looks. Next year start working make: a possible's bag, moccasins, bandolier, candle lantems, time appropriate accessories


       Hint: many Troops pick one item a year and make prior to Rendezvous, plank chairs, moccasins, tents   

Scott Caldwell


September 23-25

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