Merit Badge Counselor Sign-up Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a merit badge counselor!
You will need to have the following information and training before signing up.
1. A Account and BSA ID Number
2. Youth Protection Training - Every Two Years
3. AB 506 Training - One-time Item
4. Get Finger Printed for SVMBC- One-time Item
5. Pick the Merit Badges you want to Counsel
6. Get Trained as Merit Badge Counselor
7. Finish the form below (7 pages) - If you are renewing your merit badge Counselor status for another year, Click Here


Merit Badge Counselor Training

Who should take this training?

New Scouts BSA Merit Badge Counselors

Why should I take this training?

A well-qualified Merit Badge Counselor can enhance a youth’s attention span through effective communication, which leads to better understanding of the subject, productive discussions, and true interest. A bond of mutual respect often develops when a Scout feels confident to offer thoughts and opinions through meaningful conversations with a merit badge counselor. Thus, a Scout grows in social skills and self-reliance as a result of interacting with an adult who is a qualified counselor. The merit badge counselor agrees to follow the requirements of the recognition, making no deletions or additions, ensuring the advancement standards are fair and uniform for all Scouts.

Merit Badge Counselor Training is available online at

When is this training available?

The online version of Merit Badge Counselor Training is available anytime through the Training section of

Here is a step-by-step guide: Click Here