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By Niko Kennedy
And Robert Coulson

Working more and earning less as an employee?

Want to open your own business but need sound input?

Ready to start a school or a business and earn what you deserve?


Start-A-School is here to assist you in in your dreams and goals.

Founded by Niko Kennedy over a decade ago, our ESL2 program can

assist you with your business needs or help you to open your own school.


Tell us what kind of school or business you are interested in opening

and allow us to give you a free evaluation.

   Start-a-School System (SaSS™) is a revolutionary system, that provides entrepreneurs the head start they need, in order for them to open up a learning institution and operate it with a higher mission in mind. New business partners are provided with a step-by-step process of setting up and running a business while minimizing its associated costs. These include identifying and selecting a proper location, product line, curriculum, director, advertising medium and much more.

   New entrepreneurs don't have to be exposed to such great risks anymore. The financial commitment is, without a doubt, a fraction of the price of what other typical branded business startups would usually cost. SaSS™ Business Partners are also given appreciably more freedom and autonomy than that of a typical franchise operator is usually entitled to. The startup structure was designed this way to solve most financial budget needs. This gives small business startups a springboard so that they can launch themselves and grow financially independent.

   Under the “Start-a-School” system, whether one works individually or as a partnership, the system coaches new entrepreneurs from its start to the finish, using unique approaches and its valuable experience.  The purpose of the SaSS™ system is to save businesses from unnecessary traps, expenses, loss of time, and to increase the profits as much as possible, with fewer risks and a much smaller capital investment. The bright and sunny approach of the SaSS™ system encourages teachers to be natural and cheerful as well as always energetic, positive, and reaffirming.

   The coaches at SaSS™ are able to give relevant and practical advice in many fields and can even help investors and business owners to save as much as ten thousand dollars or more in one shot. Need some assistance? No problem, just contact SaSS™. Through SaSS™, customers will be able to locate an English school within their own community under SaSS™ standards and quality of service. SaSS™ constantly enhances its system and is always happy to hear from people who want to become better professionals with a more balanced and successful business. Starting from scratch using SaSS™, success is more than possible, it's plausible.

   Businesses have gotten off the ground with as little as a $100 monthly investment, through the initiatives of SaSS™. This can include every basic business need, whether it’s from rent to advertising costs or even equipment and a good location! Depending on where one needs to be, it is possible to start up a growing business with as little as a $100 investment.

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