ABS 2021 Education Committee Workshop: Teaching Lessons Learned from a Distance #ABSteach

2020-2021 was a unique year in many ways. In the context of teaching and learning in Animal Behavior, our community has learned and tried many new pedagogical techniques as well as adapting existing techniques to novel circumstances.  Some practices may have worked fantastically, and others did not. Both outcomes provide insights for improving Animal Behavior educational approaches.  We discussed in our Mid-year (January) Workshop, "Lessons from Online Teaching and Learning Animal Behavior," what faculty have incorporated or modified in an effort to provide students the best opportunity to learn the material (without having the same in-person experiences).  
Now, we would like to invite you to meet as a community to share the lessons we have learned from this past year that we will take with us as we move forward with our Animal Behavior-related teaching.
What have you learned or practiced this past year that you would like to continue?
The ABS Education Committee invites you to contribute to our workshop "Teaching Lessons Learned from a Distance #ABSteach" during the ABS Annual Meeting this summer. At this workshop, we will:
  • Have short presentations by invited speakers followed by group discussions on changes in pedagogy, use of class time, practical experiences, and assessment. 
  • Feature some of the submitted videos from the ABS membership
  • Offer short workshops and discussions on use of particular techniques of interest to the ABS membership
So that we can learn from one another's experience, please consider submitting a video (up to 5 minutes) or description (up to 250 words) that addresses one of the following questions:
  • How has teaching in the past year transformed your course design or pedagogical approach?
  • How has teaching in the past year transformed how you use class time and structure?
  • How has teaching in the past year transformed how you incorporate practical experiences?
  • How has teaching in the past year transformed how you do assessment?
If you considered diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice while transforming your course, please include your approaches.
Video/description submissions can be made using the form below until July 26, 2021.