ICCS 2022 Christine Aguhar Scholarship Application
This scholarship is to be awarded to a female clinical flow cytometry technologist who is relatively new to clinical flow cytometry in order to further education in the field. Awardees may be medical technologists, or other bench technologists who are actively involved in the daily performance of flow cytometry technology in a clinical setting.
 Please complete the following application form if you wish to apply for the scholarship.
The deadline to submit a nomination is August 1, 2022.

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Applicant Questions:

Do you work in a flow cytometry laboratory? *
Have you ever attended an ICCS Meeting? *
Do you have funds for travel and hotel accommodations? *
The decisions of the Christine Aguhar Scholarship oversight committee are final. Scholarship awards will be revoked if it is determined that any information provided by the applicant is false or mis-leading. This scholarship has no cash value and is non-transferrable. This scholarship does not include reimbursement for housing/hotel accommodations, meals, travel accommodations, or any other expenses not explicitly described.