THSNA Ancillary Meeting Request Form

1. You may use this form to request Meeting/Event space for ancillary meetings at the host venue, the Sheraton Grand Chicago. All Meetings/Events occurring during these dates must receive approval from THSNA.

2. Events/Meetings with a total of 30 or more attendees are not permitted during THSNA programming times and must begin after 7:30 PM on Tuesday or Wednesday. If the event has less than 30 people, then it may occur over the lunch break (12:00 PM - 2:00 PM) or after 6:30 PM each day. The full THSNA 2022 Program may be viewed here:

3. Space assignments will be managed by THSNA based on sponsorship level, date of request and availability.

4. Room rental fees are as follows:
$900- full day, or after 1:00 PM start time
$700- half-day, and ending no later than 1:00 PM

5. Meeting/Event AV must be coordinated via THSNA. A price list will be provided at the time of confirmation of your event space rental.

6. Catering must be coordinated via THSNA.  Instructions and menus for catering orders will be provided at the time of confirmation of your Meeting/Event space rental.

7. If desired, your Meeting/Event will be listed in the conference program under the Ancillary Meeting section.
8. This form needs to be completed for each Event/Meeting you wish to host.  Note: if the Meeting/Event is continous, for example office space, you only need complete this form once. 
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