AChemS 2023 Fellowships for Diversity Application

Applicants need not be AChemS members. We will consider applications from U.S. citizens and green card holders, as well as applications from non-US citizens and non-green card holders [Note this is a new consideration]. Members of African, African-American, Hispanic-American, Latino/Hispanic, Native-American, Pacific Islander, or other ethnic or racial groups under-represented in chemosensory research, including veterans, those with physical and mental disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ communities will be considered. Undergraduates, graduate students, post docs, research associates, research assistants and junior faculty are eligible for the fellowship. Awardees will be selected according to their academic background, experience, and research interests.
Which underrepresented ethnic or disability group do you most closely identify with? *
Are you a student or employee *
If student, are you the first generation attending college? *