THSNA 2022 - Chicago, IL


Leads2Cloud was designed from the ground up to be the ideal lead retrieval application. Guided by input from event organizers and exhibitors, we created a streamlined application that provides the flexibility and features critical to lead retrieval and tracking.
Web app always has access to the latest attendee data allowing all exhibitors will have the most up-to-date information. The conference will provide a login for each device for a dedicated lead retrieval wifi network.
Notes, Toggles, & More
In addition to accessing attendee contact information, users may create up to 12 custom toggles to categorize each scanned attendee's interest in your product(s). There is also an open notes field to provide additional flexibility.
Your Device
Or Ours
Nothing to install!  Use your device or ours. Leads2Cloud works on any IOS or Android camera-equipped device. Simply purchase an activation code for each device to get started.

Select Desired Items

Option 1: Use your own device

Purchase an activation code for each device that you wish to use.

Before/on July 14
250 USD/code

After July 14
350 USD/code
Option 2: Lease a device

Pricing below include both the device lease and code for that device.

Before/on July 14
350 USD/code + ipod scanner
450 USD/code + ipad scanner

After July 14
450 USD/code + ipod scanner
550 USD/code + ipad scanner
Option 3: Web-based API

Use your own equipment/lead scanning system that is compatible with a web-based API. The API accepts a simple CURL command and returns delimited data.

Before/on July 14
800 USD

After July 14
1000 USD
Select your desired items below.  Please note that activation codes may only be used on one device each, so please be sure to purchase an activation code for each device that you wish to use onsite to scan badges.
Enter the Number of Codes/Devices/Items That You Wish To Purchase:

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