ICCS CSI Case Submission Form

The International Clinical Cytometry Society (ICCS) is requesting submission of Case Study Interpretation (CSI) cases to be considered for publication in the ICCS eNewsletter, other online educational materials and/or to be presented at the ICCS Annual Meeting.

Submissions will be reviewed by the various ICCS committees for content, accuracy, clarity and suitability for publication and/or presentation.

Please submit the following:

  • The submission should include patient demographic data, relevant clinical history and laboratory data, specimen type, and indication for flow cytometry study. Relevant morphological findings and molecular genetic data pertinent to the final diagnosis should be included.
  • PDF files for each tube selected, showing an example of what a correct and complete analysis should look like (download example PDF file). List mode files are not required. 
  • PowerPoint presentation summarizing the case, to include a description of a recommended analysis strategy, the flow cytometric pertinent findings, and their significance, and to highlight interesting features of the case (download example summary file).
  • A passport-style photo of each author.
  • Online consent form

Step 1: Authors/Presenter