CACP Sample Exam Questions
KL is a 72 year old woman with hypertension and atrial fibrillation. The patient states that she has had intermittent episodes of complete blindness in her right eye. This complaint is likely: *
The main source of cardioembolic stroke is thought to be stasis in the: *
Which of the following procedures can be performed under full anticoagulation? *
Which of the following is an appropriate time to perform the tests to detect a Protein C deficiency or Protein S deficiency? *
According to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regulations, which of the following is required before a patient can begin using a PT-INR home monitoring device? *
Which food list contains the highest amount of vitamin K? *
Rivaroxaban's anticoagulant mechanism of action is: *
Which of the following is an absolute contraindication for the use of warfarin? *
National Patient Safety Goal 3E states: *
Which of the following regulates clinical laboratory activities? *
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