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San Jose Speaker Series: 2020-2021 Secure Order Form for New Subscription Seats

Please use this order form to securely order new subscription seats to the 2020-2021 San Jose Speaker Series, which we are presenting via our powerful, industrial version of Zoom exclusively for subscribing members.
All information submitted in this form is securely transmitted using 256-bit encryption.
Season Pricing and Ticketing
- The 2020-2021 season is specially priced at $140 + $9 ticket processing fee Per Seat for the full season, for a total of $149 per seat for the full season.
- Purchasing new seats to the Series for the 2020-2021 Season, presented over Zoom, guarantees you the ability to renew and purchase these (same number of) seats when the Series returns to San Jose Civic.
- When we do return to the venue, presumably next year, the location and pricing of the in-theater seating options will depend on availability. We will contact you and provide you with the available in-theater options and price points at that time.
Zoom Access Links (Important)
Prior to every event, you will receive a unique access link via email that enables you to access the Zoom event. This link is unique to you and works for one device only. Think of this unique link as your event "ticket". 
For each subscription seat seat purchased, each seatholder is eligible to receive a unique access link via email for every event, just as you would receive a ticket for each seat to every event in the theater.
If the seatholder(s) will be attending from different devices and/or locations (i.e. the seatholder(s) do not live in your household), please provide additional email addresses corresponding to those seatholders so they can receive their link. Note: This form gives you the option to provide your seatholders' email addresses, but it is not required right now. You can email them to at any time and we will add to the database.
If any seatholder cannot attend on a particular evening, she/he is welcome to forward their unique link to somene else to attend instead on that evening, just like with an in-theater ticket (but only one device can use the link at a time). 
As always, the Series is presented for and available exclusively to subscribing members of the Series only. Non-subscribers will not be able to access or view any of the events.
Also, we will not sell tickets to the 2020-2021 season, presented over our powerful version of Zoom, beyond the seating capacity of San Jose Civic Theater.
Processing Time
Please allow 1-2 business days from the time you submit this form for us to process your order and payment.
Please enter the Order Code from the email you received about accommodating your request to add or purchase subscription seats to the Series, if you have one.
Important: Each seatholder can receive their own unique Zoom access link to attend from their own device/location. We do need a separate email address for each seatholder to ensure that they each receive their unique access link prior to every event. You can enter these below.
*Not required to order today - you can email these to at any time.
Optional: Enter seatholders' email addresses to receive their own unique access link for each Zoom event:

Billing Information

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By clicking "Confirm Order" on the next page, you authorize San Jose Speaker Series to charge your credit card for the total amount of your San Jose Speaker Series 2020-2021 season order for subscription seats.
Order with confidence - your information is securely transmitted using 256-bit encryption.
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