San Francisco Police Activities League Art Camp

Personal Information Form
All information must be answered--If the applicant is under 18 the form must be signed/completed by a parent or guardian.
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Parental Statement
To the best of my knowledge, the information contained herein is accurate and complete. I give my written consent for full participation in the SFPAL Art Program, subject to limitation(s) noted herein. In the event of an illness or accident in the course of the activity, I request that measures be taken without delay of judgment of medical personnel dictates. 
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Parent/ Guardian & Participant Approval

Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian signature
Parents/Guardians Must Read the Statement Below Before Approving Application. Participants 18 years or older may sign themselves.
SFPAL Art Program
The SFPAL Art Program is a program that requires children to engage in creative activity. The program is a 10 weeks program in partnership with the Academy of Art University where kids learn the fundamentals of art. 
I hereby approve that my child named herein wishes to participate in the above-stated activity.
Waiver of Claims
In consideration of the benefits derived from participation in this activity, any and all claims against the San Francisco Police Department, San Francisco Police Activities League, Academy of Art University, or against the officers, employees, agents, or other representatives of any of them, or any other persons working under their direction or engage in the conduct of their affairs, arising out of any accident, connection with or incidental to the activity, are hereby expressly waived by the applicant and the applicant's family or guardians.
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San Francisco Police Activities League Media Waiver Form

By signing below, I give my consent to the San Francisco Police Activities League (SFPAL) to use the student's name, comments, photograph, and likeness in order to promote the SFPAL Art Program.
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I understand that the participant may be photographed or videotaped. I understand that the participant may be called upon by a journalist to answer questions about his or her involvement in the SFPAL Art Program, and I will also allow the student to speak to any media via phone or in person.
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