2018 SEMA China Business Development Program
Shanghai, China
August 22-26, 2018

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2018 SEMA China Business Program

2018 SEMA China Business Development Program Fees: $4,300 Per company (this fee covers one participant and includes 4 nights hotel, booth/exhibition fees, meals and transportation within China); $800 Grant for qualifying companies (for a total fee of $3,500 per company for the first participant) ($1000 each additional participant).


PLEASE NOTE: ATTENDANCE AT THE SHOWS: Participants are expected to exhibit at the one on one event(s). SEMA heavily promotes the brands attending and so the buyers -- many traveling from great distances -- are dissapointed if a brand's booth is empty. Failure to show up at the exhibition(s)will result in the company being ineligible to participate on future trips

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SEMA / ITA Partnership - U.S. Government Grants for SEMA Members
The U.S. Department of Commerce has partnered with SEMA to promote and subsidize the participation of U.S. specialty equipment companies at the SEMA China Business Development Tour. Firms that certify that the products promoted at the SEMA China Business Development Tour contain a minimum of 51% U.S. content may be eligible for a $800 grant for qualifying companies.
  Questions? Contact lindas@sema.org.

MDCP Grant Application

As a result of SEMA’s recent designation as a Market Development Cooperator Program (MDCP) grant winner by the U.S. Department of Commerce, you may be eligible for a rebate of $800 of the fees paid to participate in the 2018 SEMA China Business Development Conference. These funds would be used to defray the cost of participating, reducing the fees from a base price of the event to $3,500 (per company, one participant) if participating on the entire program

2.      Eligibility Requirements

The grant is available to U.S. exporters seeking to export a good or service produced in the United States based on the following definitions:

1. U.S. exporters seeking to export a good or service produced in the United States based on the following definitions:  U.S. exporter: a. U.S. citizen; or b. a corporation, partnership or other association created under the laws of the United States or of any State; or c. entity 95% U.S.-owned.


2. Produced in the United States: a. of U.S. origin; or b. labeled “Made in USA” or; c. containing at least  51% percent U.S. content (including material, labor, equipment and factory overhead, R&D, design, intellectual property, as well as U.S.-sourced administrative, marketing, sales, distribution and other costs).

I understand that this certification, as defined above, is a requirement to receive the grant described above.

3.      Keeping Track of How We Are Doing

Our partner, ITA, is tasked by the U.S. Congress to help U.S. companies be more competitive. One of the proven methods to increasing the health of your firm is to diversify your customer base, which can have the benefit of adding to your bottom line, lead to product improvement and innovative ideas—even in the United States—and better position your firm to ride out future economic downturns. Therefore a good indicator of a firm’s competitiveness is a company’s exports. SEMA and the ITA want to know how we are doing.

Participants receiving these subsidies agree to participate in periodic surveys conducted by SEMA—upon returning to the United States and then quarterly for a one-year period post-event.  This information will only be used in the aggregate and as always, proprietary information is never released publicly without your written permission.

(1)   The dollar value and number of China bound export sales (deliveries or contracts for goods or services).   Please share any information such as a non-proprietary description of the type of good or service sold, its application, steps you took to make the sale, etc.

(2)   Export-related agreements you conclude such as signing an agent or distributor.

(3)   Value of any trade complaint or difficulty in getting your product to market you are able to resolve as a result of help from SEMA or ITA

(4)   Other relevant information you care to share with us such as staff hired or re-assigned to exporting.

(5)   Other examples of your success in developing business in China.

4.      Export Achievement Awards

SEMA members with the highest reported export success in China through participation in these SEMA initiatives become eligible for recognition by a top Commerce official with an Export Achievement Award certificate.

I agree to the terms of the participation agreement with SEMA as set forth above.

If Not Applying for the Grant:
Total Cost for Companies AND NOT APPLYING FOR THE GRANT--(Please select one from the following options) $4,300 for the first participant/$1,000 each additional: *
If Applying for the Grant:
Total Cost for Companies: $4,300 for the first participant, and $800 off for the grant for a total of $3,500/$1000 each additional participant (Please select one from the following options): *

SEMA will invoice you for the program fees. Please provide the name and contact info for the billing contact.


Please note that if you cancel your registration SEMA will refund the amount of your registration fee minus $750. *
Questions? Contact Linda Spencer at lindas@sema.org.