Meg Swansen's 2014 Knitting Camps and Retreats
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Camp and Retreat Date Preferences

*Arrival date is Thursday. Class runs Friday through Sunday. Departure day is Monday.
Which Camp or Retreat Session?  
Second Choice for Camp or Retreat Session 

Rooming Preference

The Holiday Inn is a smoke-free facility with all no smoking rooms. Rooms are booked by Schoolhouse Press and accommodations are provided Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.  Note: If you wish to book a room in advance of knitting camp or after knitting camp, you need to call the hotel directly for nights other than Thurs-Sun.

Single rooms have either one King or two Queen beds. We are unable to guarantee the bed type.

Double rooms w/Knitting Camp Roommate have two Queen beds to accommodate two people sharing a room. 

Non-Knitting Companion rooms will have either one King or two Queen beds.
We are unable to guarantee the bed type.

Room Preference:  
Rooming Requests such as disability or special preferences see Special Needs section.

Roommate or Non-Knitting Companion Preference

A Knitting Camp Roommate is a knitter who is participating in camp.  If you have chosen a double room with knitting camp roommate, you may provide us with the name of your roommate or we will try to pair you with another knitter based on gender and date of birth. 

A Non-Knitting Companion
is a person (spouse, partner, friend, relative) who joins you at the hotel but does not participate in camp.  Non-Knitting Companions may not be present in the classroom.

Preferred Bed Type for Non-Knitting Companion Room (Note: Preference is not guaranteed.) 

Special Needs (Rooming, Classroom Seating, Dietary)

Disability Rooming Need? (Please check if you need a room to accommodate a disability.) 
Special Classroom Seating Need? (Please check if you need a seat to accommodate a disability.) 
Dietary Needs (Please check to let us know if you have special dietary needs.) 

Application Preference

If you wish us to consider your application in conjunction with the application of another knitter, please list the knitter's or knitter(s') name(s) in the comment box. Note: If you list the name of another knitter with whom you hope to attend, we will consider your applications together. You will be accepted or wait-listed together.

If you wish to be considered on your own and will attend even if a companion is wait-listed, do not list any names in the comment box.

Please ensure that you have filled in the information completely, then select the Submit button (below). You should see a pop-up window that lets you know you have successfully completed your application.  Due to security, you will not receive any automatic email notifications regarding this application.

All applicants will receive an email letter from Schoolhouse Press within approximately one week of the end of the application period. If you have been accepted, the letter will direct you to a web page where you'll find all printable camp information and an invoice with the date by which we must receive your deposit and fee; we do not recommend making travel arrangements until your acceptance is confirmed.

Thank you for your application; we look forward to greeting/meeting you this summer.

Onward! Meg