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This form is only for taxpayers who were residents of the City of Springfield for the entire year with income derived from wages, interest, dividends, and/or self employment, with none of the income being excludable from the Springfield income tax return. Part-Year returns and Non-Resident returns cannot be e-filed through this site at this time. These returns must be prepared on a tax form and submitted to the Income Tax Department either as a physical copy or using the "Document Upload" link on our website.
This form cannot be used if you received alimony payments, sold or exchanged property resulting in capital gains (Federal Schedule D or 4797), had supplimental income (Federal Schedule E or F),  had credits paid by a corporation, or if any income reported on your federal return is excludable on your Springfield return for any reason.
This form requires you to upload pictures and/or documents to support your tax return filing. If you are using a smart phone or a tablet, single-page documents such as W2's can be uploaded from your camera. Recommended file type for multiple page documents is PDF. Failure to upload required documents may result in credits and/or deductions being disallowed and will delay the processing of your return.
*Due to high volume of returns, it may take several weeks to process your payment or refund. Once you have received your confirmation, we have received your return. If there are any issues, you will receive a phone call, email, or a letter in the mail. Any changes or corrections to returns after submitting them must be done by contacting the Income Tax Department or by filing an amended return using form CF-1040X available on our website.


I authorize the Income Tax Department to contact me via e-mail with questions regarding my tax return. *
Are you filing a joint return? *
One exemption may be claimed by yourself (even if your exemption is claimed on another return), your spouse, and each dependent listed on your federal return. Additional exemptions may be claimed if the taxpayer or spouse qualifies under any of the qualifying categories listed in the Springfield income tax instruction booklet found in our office and on our website.
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