Quarry Amphitheater Reservation Request

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Parking Needs

Services Required

To the best of your ability, please indicate if you will require any of the following servies and quipment. Needs will be reviewed with Event Manager.  
Services *
Ticket takers/ushers
Student Staff
Events Specialist
Technical Mgr
House Mgr
Box Office Mgr
Front of House Mgr
Event security
First Aid/Medical personnel
Bathroom/handwash rental units
Police staffing
TAPS (traffic/parking, etc..)
Waste Management

Equipment *
Cable ramps
Stage Riser
2-Way Radio
Temporary fencing
100amp service
Clear Comm package

Payment Information

Please select your category and affiliation in the Contact Information section.
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Please read the UCSC Quarry Amphitheater Facility Use Procedure Manual *