Volunteer Signup

Thank you for your interest in our 3 month residential volunteer scheme here at Jamyang Buddhist Centre!
The scheme gives you the opportunity to offer service as a full-time volunteer and get an in depth experience of living and working in a busy and dynamic big city Buddhist centre providing Dharma in a historical building in the heart of London – it is neither a monastic nor a retreat environment!

Jamyang provides a range of study opportunities, classes and activities. The scheme also offers you the opportunity to meet other Buddhists, attend classes and have free use of the centre’s facilities, for instance, lunch in Cafe, reading in Library, use of Gompas.

We have up to four residential volunteers at a time working as a team that takes responsibility for creating
a warm, welcoming environment and looking after the needs of everyone who comes to the centre.

You must be keen to work in an urban, multicultural environment and be able to mindfully practice
kindness, generosity, patience and tolerance while working with other volunteers, staff, students, clients
and the wider public.

At the same time, the qualities that are needed to do the job are enthusiasm, stamina, reliability,
responsibility, good spoken and written English, and a commitment to combining work and Dharma
practice. You will be playing a key role as part of a small hard working team, responsible for keeping the Centre running day-to-day, and asking you to abide by the five Mahayana precepts while in the building:

1. Not to kill any being (no meat or fish to be eaten in the facilities on these premises)
2. Not to take others possessions,
3. Not to lie,
4. Refrain from any sexual activity,
5. Not to take alcohol or drugs, or be under the influence of them while at ‘Jamyang’.

In return for your service, in addition to the opportunity to study and practice and mato make good use of
the Centre’s facilities, Jamyang offers full board and accommodation for 3 months and a £40 per week

You may need to be flexible about your hours of service (morning shifts from 7.30am to 2.30pm, afternoon shifts
from 2.30pm to 9.30pm) doing a 35 hour week with two consecutive days off every two weeks.
Please consider that during your full-time service here, you should not be committed or engaged with any
other work or study activities.

We are unable to provide any documents or support for visa applications. Candidates should have a visa or
passport which allows them to volunteer and live in the UK without restrictions.

If you would like to apply, please tell us why you want to work here and what you feel you can offer,
including whatever previous connection you have with Buddhism.
We will also need the email and phone contact details of two referees, preferably one from a Dharma centre that knows you.


Have you previously done volunteer work for Jamyang? *
What areas of work would you be interested in (check all that apply)? *




Jamyang treats those with convictions and any non-conviction information fairly and the fact that you may have any such information recorded against you will not automatically make you unsuitable for volunteering with the organisation.




 I consent to checks being made with relevant parties and declare that the information that has been given in this form is correct to the best of my knowledge.
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Many thanks for taking the time to complete the application form and answering the questions. Please email this application to: volunteers@jamyang.co.uk, having for subject “Ref: 3-Months Volunteering” You will be contacted via email from our volunteers' coordinator. If there is a vacancy on the scheme for which you might be suitable, we would then arrange a Skype interview or an interview in person here at Jamyang Buddhist Centre.