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Thank you for your interest in working with one of our Conn-Selmer Senior Educational Clinicians. Please note this request is not a binding agreement between your organization, Conn-Selmer, or any of the clinicians. Please note that in order for your request to be considered, your event needs to be no sooner than 90 days from the time your request is submitted. Once your form has been submitted, a Conn-Selmer representative will contact you to finalize the arrangement.  We appreciate your patience with our response.  We are busy preparing for our upcoming Conn-Selmer Institute and will respond to you after June 20th. 
*In the event your organization does contract with any of the clinicians, a financial commitment will be necessary. Your organization is responsible for ALL travel expenses - including airfare, parking, meals, and lodging - for any clinician contracted. The clinician honorarium is in many cases, sponsored by Conn-Selmer. However, if a sponsorship is unavailable, your organization is responsible for providing the honorarium. All financial arrangements will be confirmed prior to completing the booking process.
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