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Classes available on FORSHAW University
    - Ants: Biology, Behavior, and Control
    - Biting Flies: Biology, Behavior and Control
    - Cockroaches and Termites: Biology, Behavior, and Control
    - Filth Breeding Flies: Biology, Behavior, and Control 
    - Introduction to Pest Groups 
    - NPMA Bed Bug Basics
    - NPMA New Hire Training for Service Technicians 
    - NPMA Pollinator Awareness Training 
    - NPMA Rodenticide Stewardship 
    - Social and Solitary Hymenoptera: Biology, Behavior, and Control 
    - Using Pyrethroids Responsibly for Better Pest Management 
    - Zika Virus and Integrated Vector Management 
Safe House Project Training on FORSHAW University
    - 5 modules totaling 30 minutes

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