2017: Session Three

Which county/ies would you prefer to meet in? If selecting more than one county, please enter a number by each of your chosen counties in order of preference, from 1 (first choice) to 3 (last choice).
Are you willing to work with someone who does not live in your preferred county/ies (this could be either in person or via email)? *
I would prefer to work with a critique partner: *
What genre are you seeking a critique partner in? Please note that if you feel that your manuscript does not fit perfectly in any of the available genres, please choose the one that is the best fit - i.e., Girl With a Pearl Earring would not be considered historical romance, but simply fiction. You will have a chance to describe the manuscript later in the application. *
Please select the level that you feel best fits your goals and skills as a writer. See descriptions of levels below. *
Description of levels:

*Please note that in the first round of Give & Take, a number of people overestimated their own level, which made it less likely that they were matched with appropriate partners. In order to increase the chances that you'll find a good match, please think as objectively as possible about where you are with your writing.

Beginning | Writers whose work in their chosen genre has never been published by a magazine, journal, etc, and who are focusing on more basic elements of craft, such as plot and character development in prose, or word choice and line breaks in poetry.
High-Beginning/Low-Intermediate | Writers who have never been published in their chosen genre, but have studied and/or have participated actively in writing critique groups. 
Intermediate | Writers with one or more publications in their chosen genre who are working on more advanced elements of craft such as developing voice, possibilities of form, rhythm, etc.
High-Intermediate/Low-Advanced | Writers with one or more publications in their chosen genre who have substantial experience with their own practice but perhaps less experience with critiquing others' work in the MFA-style approach.
Advanced | Writers with several publications in their chosen genre and/or significant experience critiquing others' work in the MFA-style approach—be it in an actual MFA program or via other workshops/groups—who would like line edits and help polishing their work for publication, as well as writers who have completed and revised multiple drafts of multiple projects in their chosen genre.
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What length manuscript(s) are you interested in critiquing? Choose one or two options, and please consider the amount of time you anticipate you will have for critiquing through April. *
My gender identification is: *
Do you have a gender preference for your partner? *
Please select any options that apply.
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Give & Take is a service provided by the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance (MWPA) that connects MWPA members who are interested in editing each other's work. The MWPA will provide each participant with the name, email address and/or phone number of their assigned partner. The MWPA does not conduct background checks and suggests that participants who choose to meet in person do so in a public place, such as a cafe or library. Participants are responsible for themselves and for anything that happens while they are participating in the program. Additionally, the MWPA is not responsible for any information misreported by applicants, such as writing level or subject matter.