Field Trip Form

Windwood Day Camp is offering weekly Field Trips to campers in the 5th through 8th grades (approximately 10 to13 year olds). Counselors will be accompanying their
campers on these bus driven field trips to fun (and sometimes educational)
attractions in the Pittsburgh area.  Paymentmust be made at least 2 weeks in
advance of the event.
Below is a list of Places and Dates for these field trips.  In case of inclement
weather, an indoor field trip will be substituted. Campers may choose to stay
at camp instead of signing up fora field trip. (The trips may change slightly. We
will inform you ahead of time.) We encourage this age group to sign up for field
trips for it gives them the opportunity to do something different and exciting off
campus.Field trips may get cancelled if there are not enough children attending
or if the weather is bad.
**Field trips are nonrefundable. If your child does not attend you can use the money you paid towards the
snack bar, lunches, or other programs.Please let us know which you would like to apply it to.  We also
need to get parental permission for your child to stay here at camp, when they have signed up and paid for
the field trip but decide not to go.
Week 3 (6/24/20)
Week 6 (7/15/20)
Week 8 (7/29/20)
Week 10 (8/12/20)
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