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Any volunteer working with our participants will be required to complete a background check.


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I hereby agree that all information included in this application form is true and complete. I understand that incomplete applications will not be considered, and that providing false information is grounds for immediate disqualification from application process, or immediate dismissal if the falsehood is discovered after placement.

If placed, I will volunteer on a regular basis, be dependable, and honor all Lory's Place volunteer policies and guidelines. I hereby authorize present and former employers, associates, schools, credit organizations, law enforcement agencies, military organizations, and/or other persons to provide Lory's Place any information which may aid in determining my suitable volunteering.

It is clearly understood that there is no employer/employee relationship and that as a support volunteer, I am not entitled to compensation or fringe benefits of any kind for voluntary services.

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An in-person interview will be scheduled when your completed applicated is received.

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