Contest Details:
This is a 2 month total body transformation competition.  Your personal competition begins on the first date you pick up your meals following this form submission and will end 8 weeks later.  The last entry will be accepted on the last day of January and the winner will be announced on April 5th.  The best transformations will be considered eligible to win.  
Insentives for Entering:
*1 Free Personalized Nutrition Plan
*1 Free one-on-one Nutrition Consulation
*Puts you in the running for the Grand Prize
*Optional: Setting up Auto order for all 8 weeks gets you 10% every order during the competition
Requirements for Entering:
*Complete the following information form with measurements and start up pictures. 
*8 week committment to the program
*The down payment of the first and last weeks food order (week 1 and week 8).
*Submit at least one progress report at 8 weeks for final transformation comparisons (bi weekly progress report check-ins are encouraged during the 8 week program for best results)
Note: This is not neccessarily a weight loss competition.  Everything will be considered when comparing contestants including but not limited to; improved body composition, visible/measureable fat loss, visible/measureable muscle gain, healthy weight loss, body fat loss, healthy weight gain, weight distribution change (ex: smaller waist bigger chest/glutes), and an overall better healthier looking physique.
Entree Terms & Conditions:
1. In order to qualify you must submit both your pictures and measurements at the beginning and the end of the competition.
2. We are looking for visual testimonials of our professional services.  You must use at least one of our many services in order to be considered for this competition (Certified Nutrition Plans/Exercise Plans/DIY Food Prep/Regular Food prep). 
3. By entering this contest you are agreeing to let us use your transformation pictures for fitness and promotional purposes.  You may opt out of letting us use your face in the pictures (see below).
 *2 Weeks food prep limited to a $300 value*

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