We regret to inform you that we are closing shop.

We want to thank everyone for being amazing customers all these years.
After 9 years of business, we are closing our shop for food orders. This decision did not come lightly, and it's hard to close our doors knowing we have had such consistent demand for our service from you, and that our amazing staff has done everything for order execution to keep us profitable and running all these years.
In the end, our expansion attempts using our new website platform has been failing consistently since we launched (something I'm sure most of you have become aware of more than once while attempting to order). Unfortunately, we do not have the physical or financial resources to keep up with the loses our new platform has been causing. Let alone the ability to switch over to a different server while dealing with all these technological issues. The only proactive response to mitigate our predicament without increasing loses seemed to be to close our shop temporarily if not indefinitely if we cannot find a better web service to absolve these issues. 
We currently do not have any projections or promises as far as re-opening.

Want to offer us continued support?

Our staff are out of work, and building a new platform isn't cheap.
You can purchase any of our available products or make a donation.
Proceeds will be split between each of our team members suffering from the loss of wages and used to fuel any future technological solutions.

Customer Experience

It will also help us to hear from you.
Tell us about all the technological issues and experiences you have had with our services lately so we can submit them to our former development team and make sure any future ordering solution we build doesn't have any of these issues.
Or just tell us how you have appreciated us and our service. Words are worth their weight in gold as far as encouraging us to keep pushing forward.


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