Migration and Health seminar: “Race and ethnicity in the health sector” Registration form

COVID-19 and other, chronic conditions such as HIV have highlighted existing racial inequalities in prevention and health outcomes. Although race and ethnicity in itself are not the causes of these health disparities, they do intersect with other social health determinants, such as low level of education, poverty, poor living conditions, and discrimination. Data on race and ethnicity in health are quite sensitive, however, existing inequities can only be addressed effectively if they are understood, assessed, and made visible. Furthermore, the current decolonisation debate exposed the lack of ethnic and racial diversity within the health sector. This seminar and networking event – organised by ITM and CeMIS (University of Antwerp) collaboratively – will focus on how race and ethnicity are approached in health research, medical training and health care practice.

When? Thursday 2 June  1.30-5pm, with a networking reception afterwards
Where? Institute of Tropical Medicine (Aula Janssens at Campus Rochus) St. Rochusstraat 43, 2000 Antwerp
For whom? (Clinical) practitioners, health and social workers, researchers and people with an interest in the subject

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