Ethical screening survey for Be-cause health member organisations

Guiding screening questions
To start or maintain a constructive dialogue with new member organisations upon application to the Be-cause health network and every four years with all member organisations of the Be-cause health network, they will be asked to answer the following set of questions.
* Private for-profit pharmaceutical companies - Private for-profit health care institutions - Private for-profit health insurance companies - Private for-profit construction companies - Private for-profit commercial software developers (global public goods accepted) - Private for-profit health medical equipment or supplies businesses - Political parties - Banks or financial institutions - Companies linked to manufacturing or investing in weapons, or petrochemical industry, food, beverage or other products publicly recognised as deleterious to health.

6. a) Is your organisation involved in the sale of health related products (medication, devices, other kinds of supplies), tools (software, procedures, …) or services (training, consultancy, data management, …) on: *
6. b) Is this your organisation's main activity? *
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