An educational programme for "Self-care and Self-management"

Designed by and for People aged 50 and over Living with HIV

Axel Vanderperre - UTOPIA_BXL
Tel: 0032. 474 40 85 03

Participation in this survey requires approximately 30 minutes of your time on the following anonymous questionnaire . You are entirely free to participate to this project or not.

The aim of this study is to identify the educational needs of People Living With HIV (PLHIV) aged 50 and over.

How to answer?

This questionnaire comprises 5 sections: HIV and its treatment, the relationship with healthcare professionals and organizations, the emotional life, the social life and the services.

You will be guided through the questionnaire so that you only answer the questions that are relevant to you.

We understand that you may find certain questions difficult to answer. This means that you will be able to skip those questions you do not like to answer.
Do not hesitate to discuss them with your doctor, healthcare professionals or HIV organization.

Privacy notice

Participation in this survey is on a voluntary basis. The collected data will be handled in a confidential manner and will contribute to a reflection on the activities, in particular of education intervention, necessary to develop or strengthen the health of Persons living with HIV aged 50 or above.

The Institute of Tropical Medicine is responsible for the data collection. L’Observatoire du Sida et des Sexualités is responsible for management, analysis and storage.

The collected data will be processed securely, confidentially and will only be accessible to specific people of the study team. Possibly, the data will also be used for future scientific research, but in such case, only completely anonymous data will be used. In total, study documentation will be retained for 20 years.

In case of any questions, or you would like to receive the results of the research, please contact Axel Vanderperre This is completely independent from your participation in this project.

In case of questions about the processing of your personal data, please contact