Megan's June Survey

Your Details

Have I seen you before? *
Do you use Twitter? *
Do you follow me on Twitter? *

My Raffle

Did you buy a ticket for my 2021 Raffle? *
Why didn't you buy a ticket for my raffle? *
How likely are you to buy a ticket for my 2022 raffle? *

Entertainment & Media

What are your top 3 favorite movies of all time? *
Are you a fan of the Star Wars movies? *
Over the last 50 years, which decade would you say had the best movies? *
When it comes to strictly entertainment value(e.g., creativity, acting, plot, etc.), what is your overall impression of the entertainment industry of today compared to 20 or 30 years ago? *
Throughout movie history, which movie villains stand out to you the most?
Have you ever been in a major movie or TV show as an actor or extra? *

Companions & Politics

Where would you say you fall on the political spectrum? *
Would you book a date with a companion who writes/tweets about using drugs? *
Would you book a date with a companion who writes/tweets about having mental illnesses? *
What would you do if a companion arrived to a date visibly drunk or high? *
Have you ever been ripped off by a companion? *
Using your observation of escorts and their writings and views expressed on Twitter or escort-related websites, what percentage of the overall escort community would you say are *
Mentally ill
Drug Addicts
Hostile to men
Would you book a date with a companion who was married or in a serious relationship? *
Have you ever felt uncomfortable with a companion during a date for any reason? *