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Entertainment & Media

Who are your top 5 favorite bands or musical entertainers of all time?
Who is the better Hollywood Western tough guy? *
Have you ever watched Gilligan’s Island? *
If you were stranded on Gilligan's Island and could only choose one woman from the island to keep you company, which one would it be? *
Which movies, of any decade or genre, would you say are highly OVERRATED? *
Which movies, of any decade or genre, would you say are highly UNDERRATED? *
On a scale of 1–5(1 being horrible and 5 being excellent), how would you rate these 70s, 80s, and 90s sitcoms? N/A if you never watched the show *
Golden Girls
Good Times
The Jeffersons
Married With Children
All In The Family
Night Court
Three's Company
Laverne & Shirley
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
WKRP in Cincinnati
Sanford and Son
The Odd Couple
3rd Rock From The Sun
Happy Days
I've been looking for new TV series(regular TV, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) since I will be on hiatus for the month of September. Do you have any suggestions?

Off The Wall

Are you vaccinated? *
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If you had to box Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali in their prime, who would it be? *
Do you like guacamole? *
Have you ever been arrested? *

About Megan

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Let me ask you a question, and be honest. Do I make you horny? *
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