November 2022 Survey

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Government & Politics

Have you ever been elected to public office(federal, state, city/local)? *
Did you vote, or do you plan on voting, during the 2022 midterm elections? *
Do you plan to vote in the 2024 Presidential election? *
Have you ever voted for someone, then regretted voting for them after they took office? *
If you were President, would you appoint me to an office or department in your administration? *


Do you prefer hotels or AirBnBs? *
Do you sometimes use Twitter to gauge a companion's personality before scheduling a date with her? *
Would you be hesitant to book a date with a companion who spends a lot of time complaining on Twitter or other social media? *
Have you ever had a companion no-show you or run off with your deposit without ever hearing from her again? *

All About Megan

I'm going to be blogging a lot more. What categories and topics would you be most interested in seeing? *
Would you like to see me do more creative & artistic photos or more provocative ones like nudes and semi-nudes? *
Do you usually view my websites and/or Twitter on a phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop? *
Do you plan on booking a date with me before 2023? *