Southern California Ordinal Scales of Development (SCOSD) Wait List

Please fill out the form below to sign up for the Scales training wait list. Please note: the wait can be at least one year. We will send you a notification when a space becomes available. A complete description of the training is on page 52 of our Professional Development Brochure.

Presenter:  Allease Glamore, M.S., School Psychologist or Amy L. Taylor, Ed.S., NCSP, School Psychologist

Time:  In-Person Training: 2 days, 5.5 hours each (8:30-3:00) or
On-Demand/Virtual Webinars: Eight on-demand webinars ranging from 15 minutes to about 2 hours in length, plus two 2-hour live virtual webinars.

The Southern California Ordinal Scales - Cognition, developed at the Diagnostic Center, provides educators a descriptive framework for understanding students’ cognitive abilities based on Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. It utilizes a flexible criterion-referenced approach to assessing the cognition of individuals at all developmental levels. The information derived is useful for developing instructional, communication, and behavioral support programming. This series of seminars will introduce and demonstrate Scales administration, scoring, and interpretation.  

Note to SLPs: This training will mainly cover the Cognition Scale and touch briefly on some of the skills that overlap between the Cognitive and Communication Scales.

Intended Audience:  School psychologists, speech-language specialists, teachers, and administrators

Outcomes:  Participants will:

  1. Review the developmental theory of Piaget, with particular emphasis on its applicability to educational settings, curriculum, and behavior.
  2. Achieve basic competency in administering Scales items.
  3. Understand the Scales’ qualitative scoring system.
  4. Interpret and translate the results into specific recommendations for educational staff.
Please note: Participants must have their own copy of the Cognition Scales manual and protocol to each session. For SLPs, the Communication Scales manual is recommended as it is useful if administered in conjunction with the Cognitive Scales. These manuals are available from Zilprint, Participants must attend all sessions to receive a certificate.

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