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Extended Version Multi-Day Training

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Commitment: Two 1-day in-person sessions plus one live virtual session after completion of transdisciplinary preschool assessment and report for case presentation.

Content: This two-day training will focus on the selection and use of appropriate assessment measures designed to assess a preschool child’s development including cognition, language, and play for both the initial assessment and the transition to kindergarten. Participants will critically examine the continuum of services and optimum preschool environments. Preschool special education teams will have the opportunity to examine and discuss challenging cases to improve the transdisciplinary assessment process. Case studies will explore considerations when assessing young children with complex profiles. Participants will be required to submit one initial transdisciplinary report after the two-day training. They will receive feedback on their reports and be given the opportunity to present their case on the third day of the training.

Note: This training is an expansion of the one-day training, The ABCs of Preschool Assessment. If you have attended this training in the past, please note that there will be a significant overlap.

This training is primarily intended for school psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists. Additional participants could include early childhood special education teachers who are on an assessment team. The expectation is that entire preschool assessment teams attend together to conduct the required initial assessment.

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