A week long direct service project
to the poor of Mexico
House Building
with Esperanza International


Your Gender *
Passport Information  (You need a valid passport to re-enter into the United States)
Check "I have a passport" if you have a passport that will be valid on May  1, 2013

You will need to get one and show Fr. Ted or Jeanette by  April.
If you are an international student you will need
   a. The Travel I-20 Recently signed
   b. Your first I-20 with the STAMP on it.
   b. You will need to investigate if you need a Visa and get one if necessary. *

References and Experience (for 1st time Volunteers Only)

Permissions, Waivers and Health Information

I agree to abide by the  LIUPost Code of Conduct*
Your health insurance must cover international travel.
I realize there will be secondary insurance purchased for me. *

Payment Options

Your space is not secure unless you have paid.  Although you have reserved online, you are not confirmed until there is payment.  Spots are only held for 48 hours with out money.  This is only refundable until April 1.  All funds are non refundable after that date.
I understand that my fees are non refundable after April 1 *
I am:
I will pay by:
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