Refer A Friend
You can receive $50 for each eligible* family member or friend you refer who opens a new, Quabbin Online Credit Union Savings Account.  Plus, your family member or friend can also earn
up to $50 for everybody they refer.  There's no limit to the number of referrals you can make or
the rewards you can get. Here's how it works:

• Fill out the Referring Member information below as it appears on your Quabbin Online
  Credit Union statement and submit this form. You must be a Quabbin Online Credit Member
  to refer a family member or friend.
• Fill-out the Referred Family Member or Friend information below for the person that you are
  referring. If you want to refer more than one person please complete a separate form for each.
• After your eligible family member or friend opens a Quabbin Online Savings Account
  we'll deposit $50 into your Quabbin Online Credit Union Savings Account.

Please enter your information as it appears on your Quabbin Online Credit Union account:

*Family and friends must be eligible for membership in Quabbin Online Credit Union.  Eligibility requirements are available by visiting

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