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Be Confident Program
$199 enrollment fee / $89 per month
*$89 monthly payment begins 1 month (30 days) AFTER your enrollment payment of $199. You can cancel anytime with a (10) day notice prior to your recurring due date.
TWO Confident Program
$359 enrollment fee / $149 per month
*$149 monthly payment begins 1 month (30 days) AFTER your enrollment payment of $359. You can cancel anytime with a (10) day notice prior to your recurring due date.
Please submit your information on the secure form below to enroll with Confident Consultants & Co..
After submitting your information, you will be redirected to a page to complete your enrollment. Be sure to check your email.


1.  When entering your information below, please be sure to double check that you entered everything correctly.

2. Confident Consultants & Co. requires ALL clients to maintain active monitoring with our recommended provider.  Monitoring is crucial and the cost is $24.99 per month.  This allows us to track your progress during your repair journey (deletions, score changes, new accounts, etc).  Any clients that cancel and/or downgrade their monitoring service will be suspended from the program.

3. Please do not enroll if you have an active bankruptcy as we will not be able to help.  Dismissed/Discharged bankruptcies are OK.
4. Please do not enroll if you are not able to complete your onboarding within 48 hours. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete onboarding. If it’s going to take you longer than 48 hours, please do not sign up for our services.  You will receive an email as soon as your client portal is open for you to complete your onboarding. ALL 3 steps must be completed:
   - Upload a picture of your ID

   - Upload a picture of recent proof of address

   - Sign up for our required credit monitoring and place login in the secure portal (Click here to enroll in monitoring)

5. Please do not sign up if you are currently behind on paying your bills and can not afford to start making monthly payments to not be delinquent with your creditors. Late payments are very crucial to your progression and will hurt you despite our efforts. We do not want our services to be another bill added on as a burden for you. Old, closed accounts are fine. But, if you are behind on your current accounts and do not plan to become current, please do not sign up.
6. Lastly, this restoration process is a two-party thing - a team effort, while in Confident Consultants & Co. program we expect for all clients to make a) on time payments with all creditors, b) maintain low (10%) utilization on all revolving lines of credit, c) follow our recommendations as well as d) build/add positive credit accounts that we recommend only.  If you are not willing to actively complete these things, please do not enroll today.

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If you selected the TWO Confident Program - please note only one party will be responsible for payment with Confident Consultants & Co.

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Once you click "Continue" you will be directed to another screen that will ask for you to enter your payment details again to process the enrollment fee. Once your payment was successfully processed you will receive an email and text confirmation.

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Welcome to the Confident Family!

The enrollment fee for the Be Confident Program is $199 and for the TWO Confident Program it is $359. This is due the day you enroll.
Your card will NOT be charged until your file review has started and your client portal is active.  You will receive an email to create your secure password to your client portal once we have started processing. If your onboarding is not complete within 48 hours of your portal being turned on, you will be cancelled as a Confident Consultants & Co. client.
Your monthly payments of $89 (Be Confident) or $149 (TWO Confident) start 30 days after your enrollment fee is succesfully processed. Your monthly due date will be the same date every month.
Ex. Sally enrolls on the 5th day of the month - her due date will be the 5th of every following month until services are canceled.
We allow clients to change their monthly due dates by up to 6 days.
Please text/call us to process this change at 1.800.523.6999.
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