Supplemental CARES Act Assistance Form

Columbia College Hollywood disbursed $911 to all eligible Chicago and Los Angeles campus students per the CARES Act legislation. This Department of Education aid was provided to recognize the financial challenges students have experienced due to COVID-19. For many of our students, this funding should help bridge their college expense gap while getting through this difficult time. We understand, however, that there will be some CARES Act eligible students in our community that have been hit particularly hard by this pandemic and may still need help managing their expenses. In an effort to provide additional support, we have set aside a small pool of CARES Act funds to further assist those students that can demonstrate an extreme hardship as a result of the coronavirus.

The following protocol will be adhered to for awarding the remaining allocation:
Students must be eligible under the CARES Act definition (see CCH CARES Act FAQ).
Supplemental CARES Act Assistance requests must be received by June 22, 2020. 
Students must complete and submit this application form as an official request for additional financial support. 
Upon request, students should be prepared to provide documentation as evidence supporting their extenuating circumstances (i.e. letter from employer, medical doctor, etc).
All awards are a fixed amount and a finite number will be distributed based on the CARES Act funds set aside for this purpose. 
A committee will review each application and make a determination who will receive additional funding. 
All decisions will be final and notification given to students receiving additional benefits within 7 business days of the June 22, 2020 cut-off date.

Financial Assistance Application

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I acknowledge and agree to the aforementioned Columbia College Hollywood/Flashpoint Chicago Supplemental CARES Act Assistance application process. I understand and acknowledge that not all applications will be awarded additional aid under this program. *
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