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The student identified in the subject line of the email you received has applied for admission to Columbia College Hollywood and has identified you as a provider of a Letter of Recommendation on the student's behalf. Your Recommendation forms a crucial part of the student's admission process and contributes to the subjective criteria that may help set this student apart from other applicants.

For your convenience, you may complete your Recommendation using this online recommendation form. If you have any difficulty using this online recommendation form, or if you have any additional questions, please  contact our Admissions Department at (800) 785-0585. For more information about Columbia College Hollywood, please visit our website at

If you have decided not to write a Letter of Recommendation for this student, please do not complete this recommendation form. Simply respond to the email you received with your reasons for declining to write a Letter of Recommendation on the student’s behalf. 

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By checking this box and entering my name in the box below, I hereby confirm that I am the recommender whose name is identified below, and I am not the student applicant. I also confirm that I am not a family member of the student applicant. Columbia College Hollywood reserves the right to verify the above information and to reject any student applicant or dismiss any enrolled student if the recommender named below is not the actual person who completed this recommendation form.

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