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Type of Activity

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If you selected "Regularly Scheduled Series," please choose the frequency:
If you selected "Enduring Material," please choose one of the following:

Sponsorship (Note: a pharmaceutical company or medical device manufacturer is not a sponsor)

MSM department
Non-MSM Department and not-ACCME accredited provider Please List Company /Organization Name(s)
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CME Requested

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Target Audience

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Planning and Administration

Course Director The individual responsible for the overall planning, compliance and logistics of the CME activity.  This person is usually but not limited to a physician. The Course Director, Co-Director & Contact (if applicable) and All planning committee members will be required to complete the Planning Committee Disclosure before the application will be reviewed.

Adminstrative Coordinator/CME Associate Contact The individual responsible for the operational and administrative support of the certified activity; this is usually an administrative or staff assistant of the course director.



The following requested information is the most important part of this CME Application.

NO consideration can be given to this application without the following components.

1) All individuals in a position to control the content of this CME activity must disclose any relationship with a commercial interest that benefits the individual in any financial amount and 2) has occurred within the past 12 months. A conflict of interest is present when the individual has both a financial relationship with a commercial entity and has the opportunity to affect content relevant to the products/services of that commercial entity. If a conflict of interest is determined to exist, the conflict must be resolved prior to participation in this CME activity:

An individual that refuses to disclose any relevant financial relationships or with an unresolved conflict of interest must not have responsibility for, or control of, the content or planning related to the activity.

Planning Committee

NOTE: ALL individuals listed  must complete a Planning Committee Disclosure before the application will be reviewed for approval.

Please Note: You must have a minmum of two members listed below. In addition to the Course Director and Administrative Coordinator/CME Associate.
Committee Members

Planning Process Course Director

1.Who identified the speakers and topics:
2.What criteria was used in the selection of speakers (select all that apply)?
3.Were any employees of a pharmaceutical company and/or medical device manufacturer involved with the identification of speakers and/or topics?

Needs Assessment

The Needs Assessment should state the educational need(s) which the individual activity will address, based on the professional practice gaps for the physicians for whom the activity is designed.

Please Note: If you select more than one needs assessment, please upload a document for each needs assessment selected.

Needs Assessment Data and Sources (select 2 at minimum)

Planning Documents and Objectives

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Specify the area in which the gap is present.
Gap Need (Check all that apply)

-List the learning objectives for the activity’s learners. Each learning objective should be a specific improvement in competence, performance, or patient outcomes that this course is designed to achieve. 
          At the completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE GAP-State the problem or issue that affects the physcians' ability to perform.

IDENTIFIED EDUCATIONAL NEED-Provide the educational need that this activity will be designed to address.
Methodology - Specify the educational format(s) that will be used to accomplish the stated objectives. (Check all that apply)

Core Competencies

Please identify the core competencies that will be addressed. Click here for definitions of the core competencies. Check all that apply. *

Activity alignment with MSM CME mission statement

How does this activity align with the mission of MSM CME? Check all that apply. *

Evaluation and Outcomes Measurement

How will you measure if changes in competence have occurred? Please check all that apply. Note: You will be asked to provide summary data for the evaluation methods selected.
How will you measure if changes in performance have occurred? Please check all that apply. Note: You will be asked to provide summary data for the evaluation methods selected.
How will you measure if changes in patient outcomes have occurred? Please check all that apply. Note: You will be asked to provide summary data for the evaluation methods selected.
This activity measures: *

Other Educational Strategies  

Other educational strategies could be used to enhance change in your learners as an adjunct to this activity. Examples include patient surveys, patient information packets, email reminders to the learners (i.e., summary points from the lecture, new information), posters throughout the hospital, department newsletters, etc.

Building Bridges with Other Stakeholders  

 Occasionally there are other internal and/or external stakeholders working on similar issues that MSM can partner with.

Are there other initiatives within MSM working on this issue?
If yes, could they be included in the development and/or execution of this activity?
Are there external stakeholders working on this issue?
If yes, could they be included in the development and/or execution of this activity?
Identified Barriers (Select 1 at minimum) What potential barriers do you anticipate attendees may have in incorporating new knowledge, competency, and/or performance objectives into practice? Select all that apply by placing an “X” in the appropriate box. Example: If the identified barrier is cost, you would attempt to address the barrier by stating “The agenda will allow for the discussion of cost effectiveness and new billing practices”.

Commercial Support

Please provide the information requested below:
 Company NameAmount Requested
I have read and agree to abide by the Standards for Integrity and Independence*
Letters of Agreement for Commercial Support must be signed by the Office of CME ONLY and the commercial supporter representative.

Budget Template Preliminary Budget   

We strongly encourage you to use the MSM OEPE budget template.  If you have your own template, please ensure that projected income and expenses are listed in detail.


Participant Registration

MSM-OEPE has the ability to capture registrations and associated payments via our website calendar – the data links directly to our CME database – registration reports (including financial information) and name badge templates are provided; collected registration fees are transferred to a department fund code. 

Would you like to utilize the MSM-OEPE online registration service? *OEPE will charge the department 5% of all registration payments processed.

Additional assistance desired from the Office of CME

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Please upload the following information to complete the application process: